Chris Phillips

Manche verkaufen einem einen Biber als Dachs, andere hingegen brauchen einem nichts vormachen – weil sie echt sind. Chris Phillips, Fotograf mit einer Fontäne an Ideen und Künstler mit Bodenhaftung, hat seine Kamera schnell und begeistert für “Moritz & Ivahn” bereit gehalten. Nach der Fotoreihe zwischen Feld und Bordsteinkante erhielt Chris ein paar lose Fragen, da können nur interessante Antworten folgen.

Chris, being an artist in Berlin – blessing or curse? And why?

Both. Although Berlin is still seen as a creative Mecca for many artists, the city is full of distractions and have a slow rhythm. I have seen a lot of people getting stuck in a nightlife fantasy or just enter a very unproductive mood. In general, the city is not competitive nor critical enough. But, at the same time, this also creates a very open and friendly environment to experiment and collaborate. So it is definitely a great city to find yourself as an artist.

What were the defining moments in your life to get a photographer?

When I was in high school. As a very shy teenager I found that photography would be not only a way of expressing myself but also to connect with people online. Before the era of the popularization of smartphones I was already taking selfies with my cheap digital camera and sharing them online. It was when I saw I could have a voice.

What is the motive or the urge for your work?

Catharsis. Personally, it’s a way for me to deal with our my repressed issues and overcome it through art-making.

Skin seems to be a very important part of your photos. Why and where does it come from?

I was working as a fashion photographer when I realized that dressing people with their own skin is way more interesting than using their bodies as a marketing platform to promote brands. Fashion is ephemeral, while the skin is eternal. But still, full nudity is a impossibility. Nakedness is as fashion statement in itself and the body is a part of our culture. So I dress people with nudity.

Photo series in a novel – is this doable?

Yes, I think it is a way of materializing the words and creating a lead for the reader’s imagination.

What did you think when you were contacted for a cooperation for „Moritz & Ivahn“ and what do you think about it now?

I was very happy because it was a new challenge for me. And now I am really glad I could be a part of this collaboration, it is always good to work with people that are really passionate about what they do. I can’t wait to see the final result now!

Und wer von der Leidenschaft des Herrn Phillips mehr sehen möchte, sollte folgenden Link nicht scheuen: www.facebook.com/phillips.chris.phillips

© Foto: Christoph Schwarze


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