Jacobo Labella

Jacobo Labella. Ein Name wie ein Gedicht, das muss vorab schon mal festgehalten werden. Gleich danach kommt aber die faszinierende Arbeit des Grafikdesigners, die länger schon als ausgesprochen passend für die Atmosphäre von „Moritz & Ivahn“ auserkoren war.

Jacobo, Berlin is a huge jungle for artists, but is it a good place for being creative or more a melting pot for distractions and to speak about what you can do (but never will)?

I think Berlin is kind of both. At first is more like a melting pot for distractions, but is up to you trying to don’t get lost.

What exactly do you do?

I do art direction, graphic design and Illustration. I´m trying to focus just in illustration lately.

What did you think when the request for the collaboration for „Moritz & Ivahn“ came?

It was a nice project. A good opportunity to work again with books.

It’s not the first time for you doing illustrations for a book. How is the process to do it, especially when you just know the summary of the story?

It is not the first time. I did some illustration for a poetry book two years ago. Well just with the summary is harder, i start thinking about how the character should look, kind of a casting and then the composition and colors. The sketch sometimes change, I have not everything close since the beginning.

What are the the things you are influenced by mostly for your work?

Music, fashion, films, books.

Is it really important for a book to have a nice look?

It always helps to sell it I think. Nowadays people also buy books as a decoration object. Inside is more important of course, but why don´t try to have also a nice look?

Have you ever tried a piece of red pear cake?

No never, and I’m looking forward. I love cakes and pears.

Und verlieben darf man sich virtuell gerne, mehr von Jacobos Schaffen ist nämlich hier zu bewundern: www.jacobolabella.com

Foto: Christoph Schwarze


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